Judge: Valerie Cheng, Chief Creative Officier, JWT Singapore


Wild tigers are at an all-time low. We have lost 97% of wild tigers in just over a century. As few as 3,200 exist in the wild today. If the wild tiger population continues to decline at the current rate, recovery may not be possible. Come up with an idea that will stop the killing. Even saving one tiger is significant.

Our idea:

The main difficulty for park rangers is a lack of funding. They can't employ enough man power and can't afford the latest technologies to make their job easier. We need to create a way in which consumers from around the world can have a legitimate impact without putting too much effort or time. Taking away one of the most iconic figures in Pop Culture would send a clear and direct message that this is getting serious.

"Save Tony The Tiger" is a multi-platform campaign that partners Kellogg's iconic "Frosted Flakes" brand with the know-how of the WWF. The goal of this campaign is to transform an unimportant, weekly purchase into a life saving act without even noticing. The print, web and mobile campaign will raise funds and awareness in a way that will be beneficial to all: the consumer, the charity, the company and most importantly, the state of the tiger population.