In my free time, I enjoy creating random tumblrs. It's as simple as that.



1- 514v450

Which city is better...Montreal or it's noisy suburb from the north; Laval? This is an age old question that both islanders have been debating for years. I decided to take subjectivity out of the question and let google street view do the talking.

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2- Drake & Bacon

It's exactly what the title says.

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3- Faces Full Of Awesome

This started off when one of my close friends would always make these utterly weird/funny looking faces from the previous night's party. As there were so many of those faces, I improved my #FFOA (face full of awesome) skills. I also had a method to it ; no photoshop. I can only use MS Paint to come up with these things. So as I did a lot of them, a pattern and style came out of it with pretty good results. Friends started sharing my work and even used it as their own personal profile and cover photos. When I think about it, my twitter background image is still one of those early #FFOA that I did.

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